Welcome to Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings (ACSR)

ACSR is a hub for racing online in Assetto Corsa managed by Emperor Servers and Assetto Corsa Server Manager Premium.


ACSR is currently in a beta testing phase. The site may change regularly, although the core features will remain the same. Please report any bugs that you find to us! After the testing phase stats will most likely be reset, although they will be stored as a "beta" season to look back on! Whilst in the beta testing phase ACSR will continue to be completely free to use, although this may change on full release.

How does it work?

Servers that are managed by Assetto Corsa Server Manager Premium have the option to turn on ACSR integration. If they choose to do this they can create Championships and export them to ACSR, think of it as a nice way to advertise your league events. Any events that are exported to ACSR get tracked, and all of the drivers who take part will have their skill, safety and more updated by the event results. If you want to export events to ACSR, Sign in with Steam and then request an API key from the account page!

How does the skill rating work?

A driver's skill rating is calculated using a system based on Microsoft Trueskill™. This means that your skill rating is calculated based on your performance relative to the skill gap between yourself and the other drivers in the event.

How does the safety rating work?

A driver's safety rating is affected by crashes and cuts in Qualifying and Race sessions. Practices are ignored, but crashes and cuts that occur after the event finishes are still counted, so look out!

Do you store/share any sensitive information?

No, all of the results data submitted to ACSR is completely anonymised by the server the event took place on before it is sent to ACSR, including driver names (second name is truncated) and Steam GUIDs (replaced with a unique hashed ID). If you sign in Steam shares your GUID with us, but this is only used for loading public profile information and will never be shared.

Can I run events here?

Of course, we'd love to have you! You just need an AC server running the premium version of our manager. The easiest way to get this is to rent a server from us at Emperor Servers, it comes with the manager set up for you, and we'd be very grateful! If you'd rather set up your own server you can do that and use AC Server Manager Premium to link to ACSR.

I have more questions!

Great, we're glad you're interested! Head over to our Discord and send us a message in the Assetto Corsa channel if you'd like to ask any questions or get involved with the community!


What you see right now is only the beginning of our plans for ACSR. We have more features planned for release soon!